Big Things Have Small Beginnings

It should be noted that if you haven’t seen ‘Prometheus’, you shouldn’t be reading this…at all.

By now, for most of you, the cat is out of the bag. Ridley Scott’s long-awaited return to sci-fi has well and truly landed and has thus far split critics and fans right down the middle. To be fair to Scott, I’m fairly sure that this reaction is exactly what he expected, and more to the point, what he had hoped for. There are always going to be haters. Some people even seem to like to hate, because it makes them seem cool, or whatever. Hell, I can almost guarantee that when ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ drops in six weeks time, the first people to turn their noses up at it will be the relentless Nolanophiles who have deconstructed every pixel of every photograph on every website. As discussed in my previous blog regarding ‘Prometheus’, the most anticipated blockbusters are becoming more and more succeptable to an almost unrealistic standard of expectation. While ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ will find it easier to tick people’s boxes for the simple reason that it is the ‘epic conclusion’ to a franchise that is only seven years old, the public reaction (so far) to ‘Prometheus’ can be partially attributed to the fact that this is Scott’s first venture into sci-fi since 1982. Let it be known, I am in no way using that fact as an excuse for anything. In fact, the last thing I want is for this piece to come across as defensive. I’m very much of the mind that the film does just fine speaking for itself.



My Film of the Year by Lewis Swift

2011 has been a weird year for cinema. Lars Von Trier admitted to being a Nazi, A werewolf fell in love with a baby in a 12A and one of the best films of the year was a documentary (Senna), WTF right? All this has meant that choosing one film to crown as my annual favourite has been even harder than usual. Then there’s the films I haven’t even seen yet; Take Shelter, Money ball and The Artist could all as yet take the crown but for now they’ll have to wait.

Submarine - Welsh New Wave

To make the task arbitrarily easier I have also discounted those movies decorated by the Academy earlier on in the year. Using my dog eared collection of ticket stubs I whittled the list down to fifteen movies then to ten, then to three, then finally to one.  The ticket that remained read simply ‘Submarine’.


The Social Network, Aaron Sorkin and The Five Scripts Ever Aspiring Writer Needs To Have Read

“Did you hear the one about the blonde who was so dumb she slept with the screenwriter…”

As industry jokes go, that one is top of the pile. It proves quite succinctly that the life of a screenwriter is not a happy one. With so many amateur writers submitting literally thousands of scripts every day, an aspiring writer may never get theirs read. If it is read and doesn’t meet all the criteria needed by about page 10, it will almost certainly be binned. If it isn’t binned but completely read through and liked, but doesn’t fit in with the current climate it won’t be bought. If it is bought, it still may never get made. If it is made it’s quite likely that other writers will be drafted in to re-write. If the re-write leaves any of your original characters and themes remaining and the film is a success, finally the credit will go to… the directors, producers, actors, cinematographers, best boys, grips, frankly anyone but you.


Unless of course you’re Aaron Sorkin. With the exception of Charlie Kaufman (although he, like many writers, has chosen to direct his latest projects) Sorkin is a ‘name’ in screenwriting terms. Now The West Wing creators script for The Social Network is gaining as much praise as David Fincher’s direction, being hyperbolied, as “smart and canny”, “absorbing and nuanced” and that it “boasts enough great dialogue to fuel a half dozen Oscar-bait movies”. He’s the closest thing to a screenwriter as celebrity as you can get.

Yet regardless of fame, wealth or respect if you were the screenwriter of one the films listed below, creator of one of the following characters or even conjuror of just one line of dialogue in the preceeding cinematic delights, nothing would compare to that honour, that knowledge that you, above anyone else, were the true creator.

Still wouldn’t help you get laid though.


Peggy Sue Talk Film

People often wonder how I pick the artists to interview about movies for ThisFilmIsON. Well, I mean, they might do. People wonder all kinds of stuff. Who are you to say they don’t? Now that that’s sorted I’m going to tell you. I go through my iTunes and whoever I’m enjoying listening to at the present moment, I send off an e-mail to their management and wait with baited breath. How happy, happy joyous I was to discover then that one half of Peggy Sue (one third if you count the drummer but who counts the drummer eh?!) by the name of Katy Young (see pic left) gone did got herself a degree in American Film.

peggy sue

It’s pure speculation on my part but I’m guessing that she might have a more insightful take on cinema than Bobby George did a couple of weeks back. Still, I wonder how her dart playing is? Incomparable I’d imagine. Whether Katy can throw an arrow or two, one thing is for certain, she’s an excellent musician, singer and judging by these film answers an awesome person to boot.


Bobby George Talks Film…and Darts

To add to our rosta of Musicians, Politicians, Presenters and Actors, who have all taken time to talk to us about movies, we can now add a Sportsman, and you’d better believe that darts is a sport! But Bobby ‘Dazzler‘ George is much more than just a man who chucks a few arrows.


Entertainer, Actor, Labourer, Mathmatician(?!), Mr. George is the definition of an all round talent and certainly not a man that you can judge by his throaty cockney twang and excessive bling. He’s even sang with Diana Ross and Leo Sayer.

He might not talk a great game when it comes to Films but we at thisfilmison could chat to him about anything. Without further ado, Let’s. Play. Darts!!!!

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Bobby ‘Dazzler’ George the king of bling – I play darts/bbc pundit and I am a jack of all trades!


Scroobious Pip Talks Film

There are many reasons why we at thisfilmison love Scroobious Pip. Unapologetically the first reason is an aesthetic one. Just look at that lovely, lovely beard, it’s almost hypnotic. Secondly he is an exceptionally fine wordmongerer (smith just sounds insufficient). Thirdly, as the majority of us are white, middle-class males he’s introduced us to music outside of our comfort zone (Mos Def rules!).


But mainly, as you’d expect from a website all about film, we love his moving picture references. Now any Benny can just pick up a line or character from a film and use it willy nilly (we’re looking at you McFly!) but when Mr. Pip starts waxing lyrical about Elwood P. Dowd, James Dean and Spiccoli you know it’s done with love and respect.

How delighted we are then that he’s sat down with us to talk all things film related…


Let’s Buy Happiness Talk Film

The sales are over, the ash is abating and we no longer have to turn on the weather forecast prepared to be informed of impending icy doom. All this means one thing; we can start looking forward to the Summer!


Topless chavs playing football in the park, offensively cheap cases of Dutch lager at major supermarkets, barbeques ruined by wasps and salmonella, British Summers have it all, but if there’s one thing we reallly do well it’s festivals. Whether it’s a murky moshpit at Download, a barrel of banality at V or fancy dressed frolic at Bestival we all have our favourites, my personal tipple being an unhealthy dose of weapons grade cider at Glastonbury.


The Green Party Talk Film

Do you like air? Not the French pop act famous for soundtracking The Virgin Suicides, but the oxygen, nitrogen, argon mix that goes into your lungs and helpes you live. I do. I think it’s great. I also like trees, clear skies and polar bears. Not that I’ve ever actually met a polar bear but I have no reason to see them homeless, begging for change.


On election day this year you have a choice between a few quid off your National Insurance, a chance to complain about immigration or the opportunity to say that you think that there are people out there who deserve a chance to stand up and say no to the callous way we treat our Earth and everything on it.

Without too much further persuasion to possibly look a few more years ahead on election day here is Adrain Ramsay, Deputy Leader of the Green Party, giving us his favourite film of all time ever…


The Liberal Democrats Talk Film

Years and years ago I saw a politics joke in, of all places, a film magazine. It goes something like this. At a political debate the main three parties are asked what the capital of France is. The Conservative denies ever going to France, and threatens to sue anybody who links him with anything French. The Labour candidate asks the question back, “The question isn’t what the capital of France is, but what we can do about the capital of France?” Finally the Liberal Democrat candidate is asked. He responds, “Paris. The capital of France is Paris. Hello is anyone listening the answer is Paris?”

lib dem

Not to endorse any political party at all (Of course we wouldn’t! – Ed) this joke always left me with the frustrated feeling of “But that guys got the answer, listen to him!” Of course we rarely listen to those who have the answer, but, well, perhaps this time. (Sidenote, my main reason for thinking ‘they’ may have the answer is quite simply taking money from very, very rich people to give to people who need it, just sounds like a very nice and necessary thing to do).

Or I may just have been swayed by Lib Dem Candidate Simon Wright’s favourite film of all time ever…


Alessi’s Ark Talk Film

There’s a common misconception, bandied about by my friends, that if a girl has a fringe and can sing I’ll automatically fall head over heels in love with them. This is not true. Saying that, from the first time I laid eyes on Alessi (nice fringe/great voice) I thought here’s something pretty special.


So special is she that when she requested to talk about two movies, instead of just the usual one, I immediately caved. I’d like to argue that this is because she picked two excellent choices but it’s probably down to her songwriting ability, incredible larynx and yes, choice of hair cut…


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