Jean Dujardin: Is History On His Side?

There’s been substantial debate amongst my peers and I, as to whether or not Jean Dujardin could actually win the Best Actor Oscar. As we await this years nominations it’s safe to say he’s going to be up against it. If the Golden globes are anything to go by he’s likely to be up against five of the biggest names in the business. Whilst Dujardin should walk the Globes only ‘Comedy Musical category’ when the Academy inevitably make their selection from the Globes’ ten, the Frenchman is going to have to userp one of either Clooney, Pitt, DiCaprio, Gosling or Fassbender in order to make the final five. It’s a tough ask but it made me curious about just how often international performances are recognised by the academy. What follows is the fruits of my diligent labour which I have collated for your statistical pleasure.
Dujardin at Cannes


This Film Is ON’s Guide To Movie Dating

If, like me, you find trying to live a normal, functioning life impossible without the education of movies then join thisfilmison with our new ‘Guide’ segment. To help you live the life you’ve always dreamed of we’ll scour the film universe in order to pick up do’s and do not’s essential to fulfilling that fantasy silver screen life.


This week, in honour of Date Night, the new Steve Carell and Tina Fey comedy (read a full review here) we’re looking at all things woo related, or if you’re in your 70′s the world of courting.


Who Would You Vote For?

You may have noticed that the suited, shouty people who live in a big house on the Thames have decided to call an election. Which is very annoying for people who like to watch BBCNews24 without throwing up into their laps.


While our erstwhile leaders are churning out well-known song lyrics in order to gain our votes (“Don’t Stop Believing”, urged Gordon Brown, before David “I is One Of The People” Cameron started espousing the work of the cast of High School Musical), over in movie-land candidates are far more transparent.

Perhaps a little too transparent…


Top Five On-screen Female Sporting Heroes

2010 will undoubtedly go down in history as the year the Academy grew a set and acknowledged the outstanding contribution of a female Director. Thankfully Kathryn Bigelow’s gender proved completely irrelevant as The Hurt Locker was far and away the standout film of 2009 making Hollywood hard hitter’s of all involved.


The above sporting metaphor leads nicely into this week’s Top Five which is in honour of Drew Barrymore’s impressive directorial debut Whip It. When I was tasked with compiling a list of five On-Screen Female Sporting Heroes in tribute to the (almost) all conquering ‘Hurl Scouts’ I was unaware of just how difficult this would prove. I wracked my encyclopaedic brain for relevant movies for the best part of a week and only just managed to scrape together a satisfactory five which you will find documented bellow.


Top Five (Easter) Egg Scenes

Deciding that compiling a list ‘Top Five Crucifixion Scenes’ could be deemed a little morbid and maybe even distasteful I opted for what I like to call Secret Option B. As such I have compiled a list of less sacrilegious (Easter) egg scenes to celebrate the more chocolaty side of the holiday.



The Onnies Results!

While The Oscars had Neil Patrick Harris dancing with lots of go-go boys and girls to open it’s festivities, with The Onnies it’s just me typing away in my pants, occasionally doing a little jig.

The Onnies!

You also won’t find any ageing comedians taking tame potshots at the assembled masses (although their ‘Jewhunter finds the Motherload’ joke was pretty damn good) but I am allowed to swear whenever I like.

So without further fucking ado…The winners of the First Annual Onnies (as voted for by the readers and writers of This Film Is On) are…


Final Oscar Predictions


So, just after the nominations were announced I wrote (at length) about who I thought would reign supreme in each catagory. Not much has changed over the last month, apart from I’ve now seen ‘Crazy Heart’ twice and am fully in love with its soundtrack. I have also re-watched ‘Precious’, arthoused it for ‘Un Prophete’ and treated my parents to some great performances in ‘Invictus’. During this period, there have also been many an award ceremony and many a controversy (ie. naughty ‘Hurt Locker’ producers). Needless to say, ‘The Hurt Locker’ has picked up pace winning big at the BAFTAs and (impressively) at the DGAs. ‘Basterds’ winning at the SAGs may have shaken things up a bit, but only slightly. At best, it will mean a screenplay win for Tarantino.


Vote In The First Annual ‘Onnies’

Balls to the Oscars, Fannies to the Baftas and a huge pair of Boobs to the Producer’s Guild Of America. Here at we’ve got the best awards ever. The Onnies! And the winners get picked by you fine people.

As the site is still in it’s infancy, all you readers must be incredibly smart and sexy to have found us, therefore I bestow upon all y’all the dignified honour of choosing the winners. Unless of course I hate your choices then I’ll just pick my favourites.

Only kidding, as I picked the nominations (all UK releases from the year of our Lord 2009) and any of them fully deserve the award that I’ll make out of a Ken doll and my pubic hair. Hopefully I’ll get to hand one to the Best Actress Winner.

Without further ado, the nominations are…

Results will be announced close to Oscars. So stay tuned for awards that actually make sense.

Thanks for voting.

Top Five Snowball Fight Scenes

In tribute to this apocalyptic ‘big freeze’ the media keep going on about I thought i’d waste some time compiling a list of my top snowball fight scenes.

Buddy's balls

5) Monsters Inc

Not so much a snow ball fight, more a snow ball assault this one. Banished to the Himalayas by their double crossing boss, Mike Wazowski and his collegue James P. Sullivan find themselves sheltering in the cosy cavern of the infamous Abominable Snowman. Whilst Sulley searches frantically for a way back to Monstropolis Mike deals with the problem in his own, less proactive way i.e. a tirade of abuse directed at his oldest pal. Sulley is unphased by Mike’s rant and continues his search causing Mike to finally snap and begin pelting his friend with some unnervingly yellow snow.


The 5 Little Films Of 2010

Just think by the end of this year we could have a Tory government. Just like the one we’ve got now! Boom! Satire bursting forth from my keypad to your unprepared face! Didn’t see that coming did you?!


Anyway, as I was saying, soon we could have a Conservative government and then small-scale independent film can thrive again as we all hold hands and try to bring down the Cameron Obscura (because he ‘obscures’ his policies! Fuck me I’m on a roll!) with right-wing hating social commentary movies. That’ll be fun.

For now though here’s a handful of Indie-type, lowscale films that might just be worth a watch.


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