For those that know me, Superman is my favourite comic, TV show, score, comic-book film nay, film. Period.

The root of my obsession is the original Superman movie from 1978 (four years and eight months before I was born.) I can’t remember how old I was when I first saw a man fly, but I remember watching it. I immediately got up on a small stool and jumped off it (obviously holding my arms in the typical Superman manner) luckily landing on my feet (although my Mum still says the head!)

The Man Of Steel

The Man Of Steel

The reason the film appeals to so many, is that people relate to the humbling, stumbling Clark Kent. They idolise the superior Kal-El, especially when he’s seen in a flash of blue and red, flying through the night.

Christopher Reeve pulls them both off, at times it’s clearly two different people! When he’s a hero; he looks it. When he’s a zero; he feels it. Not to mention his archnemes… nemesiis… nemesises… sworn enemy Lex Luthor. Gene Hackman is simply wonderful in this role, playing just the right level of camp, a splash of insanity, a hint of evil and dollops of pure genius!

All in all, everyone has seen, read or heard about Superman. In one form or another, it’s been seen by billions. As Sean Connery once said “there can be only one…” Make mine the original.


  1. True. This is a brilliant film, a blockbuster that manages to be a crime film, a 50s high school flick, an eerie sci-fi apocalypso, a newsroom comedy, a romance, a disaster movie and, oh yeah, a superhero film.

    Hackman, Reeve & Beatty in particular pull their roles off so adeptly because they take this stuff seriously- they’re straight out of a comic but fully rounded characters. The curious choice of Margot Kidder proves genuinely refreshing and Brando, Glenn Ford, Terence Stamp, Trevor Howard are just the cameos.

    The film’s best test of its greatness is perhaps that the big moments aren’t the set-pieces but the emotional depths- Mr & Mrs Kent find the baby; Superman’s pain at his failure to save one he loves.

    And you can’t see the strings. He’s really flying.

    Comment by Barton Young — March 5, 2010 @ 8:09 pm

  2. I was spot-on the right age when that came out and so I got to see it at the flix. I can’t think of another film that has made me go ‘wow’ more. As Barton says ‘He’s really flying”. I wouldn’t put it in my own top ten but it is a great film.

    Comment by Rob — August 31, 2010 @ 10:48 pm

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